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  1. Palencia - Wikipedia

    The municipality had a population of 78,892 in 2017. Geography. Palencia lies in the north of ... Autonomic Roads. C - 613 Sahagún C - 615 Guardo / Riaño C - 619 Aranda de Duero / Soria In addition, Palencia has a bus station located n ...

  2. Misophonia, Or Why I Hate the Sound of Chewing Salad - The Crux

    It’s an indication that the sounds somehow touch off the autonomic nervous system, responsible, among other things, for our fight-or-flight-response. The same study also suggested that ...

  3. Puerto Rico - Wikipedia

    In the busy 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Puerto Rico avoided a direct hit by the Category 5 Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, as it passed about 60 mi (97 km) north of Puerto Rico, but high winds caused a loss of electrical power to some one million residents.

  4. recent posts/archive – Darwiniana

    Post by @nemonemini. ...

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