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  1. invaluementSIPis an anti-spam list consisting of IP addresses which either only send spam or which emit an extremely high percentage of spam. Most ivmSIP-listed IPs are from botnets, very elusive snowshoe spammers, or irresponsible ESPs.

  2. ivmSIP : Service de BlackList de spammeurs

    ivmSIP - RBL (Realtime Black List) - spammeurs. RBL (Realtime Black List) - spammeurs; Cible principale et usage principal des blacklists de spammeurs. Ces listes, maintenues avec opiniâtreté, souvent depuis plus de 20 ans et par des bénévoles, serven ...

  3. Invaluement Blacklist Removal Instructions (ivmSIP) - rackAID

    If you see ivmSIP in a bounce email, your email server’s IP is in the Invaluement blacklist. The invaluementSIP lists IPs that send a high volume or high percentage of spam. In most cases, these are part of spam botnets. Invaluement actually has three different blacklists: InvaluementSIP (ivmSIP) This is your normal email real-time blacklist. The list includes IPs of servers sending large amounts of spam.

  4. ivmSIP - BLACKLIST - MxToolbox

    More Information About Ivmsip. Listing in the ivmSIP/24 blacklists indicates that your IP Address has been identified as a spam-sending server. Whether or not you operate an email-server on this IP Address, it has either sent spam or has been previously identified as such.

  5. ivmSIP24 : Service de BlackList de spammeurs

    ivmSIP24 - Services de « BlackLists de spammeurs » – « WhiteLists de spammeurs » – « Agrégateurs de BlackLists de spammeurs » - « RBL » - « DNSRBL »

  6. New Default DNSBLs: ivmSIP and ivmSIP/24 – Roller Network ...

    On the heels of our previous announcements we have two more DNSBLs that we’re adding to the default list: ivmSIP and ivmSIP/24.These are available individually as “sip.invaluement.local” and “sip24.invaluement.local” through the account control center DNSBL settings.

  7. ivmSIP/24 — LowEndTalk

    ivmSIP/24 is the invaluement /24 Sender’s IP DNSBL.Aka an “RBL”, this list includes those whole /24 blocks of IPs which only send spam. We recognize that the concept of /24 blacklists is not some amazing new idea we thought up.

  8. Delist Requests - invaluement

    When our two IP anti-spam lists (ivmSIP & ivmSIP/24) are combined, they are an especially excellent supplement to Spamhaus since they block more spam that is missed by Spamhaus than all other DNSBLs in existence, with the only exceptions being certain other DNSBLs which have significantly more false positives!

  9. "For all the many reasons described on this page and on our invaluement Anti-Spam DNSBL page, ivmSIP is best for blocking spam sent to real users instead of spam sent to honeypot traps and/or dictionary attack spams. That means that, if you check sending IPs against DNSBLs before checking to see if the recipient exists, then you should probably put Zen first. But if you are blocking spam based on the recipient not existing before checking the sending IP against DNSBLs, then you should ...


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