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  1. bl.spamcannibal : Service de BlackList de spammeurs

    bl.spamcannibal - Services de « BlackLists de spammeurs » – « WhiteLists de spammeurs » – « Agrégateurs de BlackLists de spammeurs » - « RBL » - « DNSRBL »

  2. DNSBL Information - SpamCannibal Offline

    SpamCannibal Offline. On 5/30/2019 the domain for lapsed for the second time and is now blacklisting the entire internet. If you are an end user and your mail has been returned as undeliverable...

  3. DNSBL Information - SpamCannibal (

    Use a remote DNSBL to screen SpamCannibal's archive database of IP connection addresses. SpamCannibal's script does this for you automatically when run periodically from a cron job. 3. Setup an automated email filter to identify spam sources from the spam email that you receive.


    Spamcannibal Reports Subnets Subnet-based Blacklists are used to reject email from entire ranges of IP Addresses, i.e. providers that are hosting companies sending spam, as well as single IP Addresses that may fall in that range of IP Address. DMARC is the key to improving Email Deliverability!

  5. SpamCannibal blacklist service hijacked | ZDNet

    SpamCannibal blacklist service hijacked. Updated: Miscreants have tampered with the service to pump out spam and tell you that every IP address you check is suspicious.

  6. Blacklist in detail: - BLalert - We ...

    We monitor and other blacklists (DNSBLs/RBLs) for $4.95 per year.


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  8. In the bottom list, remove "". If this is the only RBL you have, you might want to replace it with Alex. More Less. Jan 28, 2009 11:26 PM Reply Helpful. Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post; User profile for ...

  9. Mail::SpamCannibal - A tool to stop SPAM -

    // zone zone "" in { type slave; file "slave/"; masters { port 10053; }; }; Add any additional configuration grammar that you feel is necessary to restrict zone transfer, etc... Setting up a cooperative dnsbls network

  10. Spam Cannibal / List spamcannibal-users Archives

    I'm trying to get spam to spamcannibal's script so that the dns blacklist can be updated. If I send an email from the mailhub either via telnet or evolution to the lan address of my relay servers, I have a REDIRECT rule that rediercts those messages to the relay servers local mail servers on port 26.