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  1. bhnc.njabl : Service de BlackList de spammeurs

    bhnc.njabl - Services de « BlackLists de spammeurs » – « WhiteLists de spammeurs » – « Agrégateurs de BlackLists de spammeurs » - « RBL » - « DNSRBL »

  2. Not Just Another Bogus List Details - IPv4 & IPv6 (Bad Host, No Cookie) These hosts have done things properly configured SMTP servers are not intended to do. contains misconfigured servers, spam proxies, and other hosts deemed to have no interest of stopping the pollution of the internet with spam, malware, viruses, or other nefarious activity. Return Codes

  3. - RBL Details to NJABL bhnc (bad host, no ...

    Detailed informations (nameservers, last found entries ...) of the RBL 'NJABL bhnc (bad host, no cookie)'.

  4. dnsbl resource: NJABL Dynablock List Now Obsolete

    Other NJABL zones (i.e. dnsbl, combined, bhnc, and the qw versions) will continue, business as usual, except that combined will eventually lose its dynablock component. If you currently use we recommend you switch immediately to

  5. Why should I remove NJABL or AHBL as an external RBL ...

    Solution #00006288 Scope:All Email Security GatewaysAnswer:On March 1st, 2013, NJABL or AHBL announced that they will be shutting down their IP reputation service. Customers should remove NJABL or AHBL lists from the Custom External RBLs option on their Email Security Gateways. Custom External RBLs can be added or removed from the BLOCK/ACCEPT->IP Reputation tab. Using NJABL or AHBL reputation ...

  6. ipHouse // DNS Blacklists

    ipHouse is dedicated to providing the most effective hosting for businesses. We have solutions you won't find anywhere else from email and website hosting you can rely on, to servers and platforms engineered to optimize performance for the most demanding enterprise.

  7. IP block list provider being shut down. : sysadmin

    IP block list provider being shut down. After troubleshooting some SMTP relay delays it turns out is going offline. Check your exchange servers to make sure it's disabled! 5 comments. share. save hide report ...

  8. SMTP Stops when MAPS is on | Plesk Forum

    Hi all, I have a problem in my Plesk 8.0.1. Anytime I [Enable MAPS spam protection] the service [SMTP Server (QMail)] stops imediatly, and I cannot start this service unless MAPS is disabled. Can anyone have a clue to help me on this? Thankz, Joao Clerigo

  9. SMTP Server (QMail) always stopped in Server > Services ...

    Hi Guys, Every time i go to Services in the psa SMTP Server (QMail)is always off. It seems to turn itself on when some1 on the server sends an emails but then goes back offline. Why is this happening; can i keep it online?

  10. All blacklists, whitelists and informational lists used by the multiple DNSBL/RBL lookup tool at Also the dead ones are registered.