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  1. Jean-Luc Lagarce — Wikipédia

    14/09/2020 · Jean-Luc Lagarce est un comédien, metteur en scène, directeur de troupe et dramaturge français né le 14 février 1957 à Héricourt (Haute-Saône) et mort le 30 septembre 1995 à Paris 14e. C'est aujourd'hui l'un des auteurs contemporains les plus joués en France.

  2. Le Pays lointain — Wikipédia

    30/08/2020 · Lagarce construit dans la pièce un chœur antique dans lequel s'expriment les vivants et les morts. Des personnages sans rôles, comme Un Garçon, tous les garçons ou Le Guerrier, tous les guerriers, opèrent dans la pièce comme des machinistes qui jouent les rôles des hommes que Louis a croisés pendant sa vie.

  3. Jean-Luc Lagarce - Wikipedia

    24/08/2020 · Jean-Luc Lagarce (14 February 1957 – 30 September 1995) was a French actor, theatre director and playwright. Although only moderately successful during his lifetime, since his death he has become one of the most widely-produced contemporary French playwrights.

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  4. It's Only the End of the World - Wikipedia's_Only_the_End_of_the_World

    It's Only the End of the World (French: Juste la fin du monde) is a 2016 drama film written, edited and directed by Xavier Dolan.The film is based on the play of the same name by Jean-Luc Lagarce and stars Gaspard Ulliel, Nathalie Baye, Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel.

  5. Voriconazole topical cream formulation: evidence for ...

    01/09/2020 · M Chappe, S Vrignaud, L de Gentile, G Legrand, F Lagarce, Y Le GovicSuccessful treatment of a recurrent Aspergillus niger otomycosis with local application of voriconazole J Mycol Med, 28 (2018), pp. 396-398

  6. Cutaneous Angiofibroma Article - StatPearls

    07/09/2020 · Bouguéon G,Lagarce F,Martin L,Pailhoriès H,Bastiat G,Vrignaud S, Formulation and characterization of a 0.1% rapamycin cream for the treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex-related angiofibromas. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2016 Jul 25; [PubMed PMID: 27260135]

  7. Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of ...

    06/09/2020 · As one of the most promising and effective delivery systems for targeted controlled-release drugs, nanocarriers (NCs) have been widely studied. Althou…

  8. Xavier Dolan: The Essential Films

    26/08/2020 · Xavier Dolan might be, at heart, our Millennial Melodramatist. With multiple premieres at the Cannes Film Festival, including two Jury Prize Award wins, a keen eye on mothers and sons, and an expressionistic approach to queer desire, there’s an inherent selfishness to the director’s filmography that augments and texturizes each film and gives it a […]

  9. A Novel Phase Inversion-Based Process for the Preparation of ...

    11/09/2020 · Frederic Lagarce; Emilie Roger; Background: Acute myeloid leukemia mainly affects adult patients. Complete remission for patients younger than 60 years, who are candidates for standard induction ...

  10. (PDF) The Use of Endophytes to Obtain Bioactive Compounds and ...

    07/09/2020 · PDF | Endophytes are microorganisms that reside asymptomatically in the tissues of higher plants and are a promising source of novel organic natural... | Find, read and cite all the research you ...