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  1. The Mapmaker is a 2012 English drama film. Jenny Agutter and Rachel Hurd-Wood play the role of Isabel. Charles Dance and Harry Eden play the role of Rowan.

  2. The Mapmaker est un film (18min) de Stephen Johnson avec Charles Dance, Jenny Agutter, Rachel Hurd-Wood. Un casting de 4 stars sur CinéSérie

    • (45)
    • Stephen Johnson
  3. Film de Stephen Johnson avec Charles Dance, Jenny Agutter : toutes les infos essentielles, la critique Télérama, la bande annonce, les diffusions TV et les replay.

  4. 14 juin 2002 · THE MAPMAKER. Nord Ouest de l'Irlande: pendant son travail, un cartographe retrouve un cadavre enterré. C'est le corps d'un homme disparu des années auparavant. La vérité réside dans la carte que l'homme dessine.

    • 2001
    • The Mapmaker
    • Irlande
    • Grand Pictures
  5. A short UK drama following an ageing couple who return to the seaside where they were happy 50 years earlier. Now their lives have changed and they face sadness and a difficult decision. The film includes flashbacks to their youthful romance. Cast. Crew.

    • Stephen Johnson
  6. 14 juin 2002 · North-West Ireland: during his work, a mapmaker, finds a buried body. The body turns out to be that of a man who had disappeared many years before. The map that the man is drawing holds the key to the truth.

  7. When Rowan and Isabel return to the coastline where they spent a blissful summer 50 years ago, it's with a very different purpose. Isabel is dying. Rowan is called upon to make a sacrifice that will preserve their unity forever.