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  1. 24 juin 2024 · Malory Towers. Series 5: 5. The Pocket Money. Josephine enlists Connie to help retrieve her lost pocket money, but things soon spiral out of control when they break into Matron’s safe. 25 mins...

  2. 27 juin 2024 · Malory Towers series 6 &7 will come to CBBC and iPlayer in 2025. Series 1 – 5 are available now on BBC iPlayer. Filming has now begun on Series 6 and 7 of Malory Towers at The Bottle Yard Studios and on location around Devon and Cornwall.

  3. 1 juil. 2024 · Series 5 Preview. It’s back to Malory Towers for Darrell, Felicity and friends! June stages a dramatic protest when Mr Murray decides to cut down the Malory Oak Tree!

  4. 17 juin 2024 · Season 5. Episode 4. The Beautiful Game. June 17, 2024. 0.0% Malory Towers - S5 - E4. Mark as watched Rate Forums. In a bid to prove that girls are just as good at football as boys, Felicity and June disguise Clarissa. Meanwhile, Darrell and Susan help Mr Murray with his chamber investigation. Tweet! Telegram Facebook Pinterest.

  5. 10 juin 2024 · Felicity is keen to drop the 'Mini Rivers' nickname and become her own Malory success. However, when she befriends new girl Josephine, it isn't long before they both get into trouble.

  6. 26 juin 2024 · Malory Towers The nostalgic adventures of teenage girl Darrell Rivers, when she leaves home to attend an all girls' boarding school in the British countryside. Based...

  7. Il y a 5 jours · Adventures at an all-girls boarding school in post-WWII Britain. Based on the books by Enid Blyton. Show Details: Start date: Mar 2020. End date: ___ ____ Status: current show. Network (s): BBC iPlayer ( UK) Run time: 30 min. Episodes: 52+ eps. Genre (s): Children, Drama. Credits: Ella Bright as Darrell Rivers. Danya Griver as Gwendoline Mary Lacey