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  1. When she moves to London for college and lives in a creaky room full of memories, her imagination kicks into high gear, transporting her to 1960s Soho. However, behind the alluring veil of nostalgia lie the ghosts of the past, and it won’t take long for them to remind her of the dark side of the district.

  2. 23 juin 2024 · Genre: Thriller. Author (s): Edgar Wright, Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Director: Edgar Wright. Release Date: 29/10/2021. Running Time: 117mins. Country: UK. Year: 2021. Eloise is thrilled to be accepted into fashion school, where she hopes to indulge her passion for couture from a bygone era.

  3. 29 juin 2024 · 'Last Night in Soho' is Edgar's Wright's twisted homage to Swinging London. But why does 1960s starlet Sandie appear again in the film's present-day setting?

  4. 16 juin 2024 · Edgar Wright for Creative Principles Podcast - Ep316#screenwriting #screenwriter #film #lastnightinsoho.

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    • Brock Swinson
  5. 20 juin 2024 · Continuing our dreams in horror theme, we are covering the 2021 horror mystery ‘Last Night in Soho’, directed by Edgar Wright. 👩🎤💄🧥🔪👵🔥 In this episode we discuss how we ...

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  6. 25 juin 2024 · Last Night in Soho follows the story of a young girl named Eloise who has a passion for fashion design and a mysterious ability to transport herself to the 1960s era in her dreams. As she becomes more involved in the past, she discovers dark secrets that intertwine with her own present-day reality. 2. Who are the main characters in ...

  7. 26 juin 2024 · Country mouse Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) is ecstatic to be accepted into a London fashion college. Inspired by the vintage records she got from her grandmother (Rita Tushingham),...

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