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  1. Il y a 1 jour · Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter (born May 11, 1999) is an American singer and actress. She first gained recognition for starring in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World (2014–2017).

  2. Il y a 8 heures · Espresso. A fantastic summer anthem for self-love and empowerment, Espresso delivers in every way and is one of the best songs by Sabrina Carpenter. The upbeat and energetic song provides a glimpse at true confidence, and at its core shows us that there is nothing sexier than loving yourself and knowing your true worth.

  3. Il y a 1 jour · Sabrina Carpenter ‘s tongue-in-cheek “ Nonsense ” outros are as spicy as she’s willing to get. The singer and songwriter powered through a row of increasingly hot chicken wings during her ...

  4. Il y a 15 heures · It’s also so rude to make such an addicting music video. It’s really rude to make me watch it six times at 2:00 a.m. when I want to go to bed.” If you loved Please Please Please as much as we do, check out our favourite songs from Sabrina Carpenter, along with some of her best lyrics. The best songs from Sabrina Carpenter, plus lyrics we love

  5. Il y a 15 heures · The impact of Chappell Roan, Sabrina Carpenter, Tinashe, and Charli XCX on the music industry is significant. Their innovative approaches to music and their ability to connect with fans have set new standards in the industry. They have shown that it is possible to stay true to one’s artistic vision while achieving commercial success.

  6. Il y a 3 jours · Sabrina Carpenter shares the full track last for her upcoming album 'Short n' Sweet,' out August 23 featuring 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please.'

  7. Il y a 5 jours · Fast times and fast nights, yeah (Yeah) Скоротечные мгновения и быстрые ночи, да, No time for rewrites, Нет времени, чтобы переписывать нашу историю, We couldn't help it. Мы ничего не смогли с этим поделать. Outlines on bed sides ...

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